Advanced Module 08
Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

If you regularly work with large datasets, then Pivot Tables are the perfect next step for you. Discover a vast of array of powerful pivot tools that even many self-proclaimed experts never knew existed, but will dramatically enrich your data reporting abilities.

The Express Run-Through (45m)

Pivot Table Essentials in 45 Minutes

Feature by Feature, with practice exercises and solutions

Download the training notes (PDF)

8.1    Pivot Tables: Complete Step-by-Step Training Notes

8.2   Creating a Pivot Table

8.3   Creating a Pivot Table exercise - solutions

8.4   Slicers

8.5   Slicers exercise - solutions

8.6   FAQs

8.7.   Adding Source Data

8.8   Adding Source Data exercise - solutions

8.9   Changing The Default Function

8.10   Changing The Default Function exercise - solutions

8.11   The Show Pages Tool

8.12   Formatting Your Pivot Table

8.13   Exploring The Pivot Table Options

8.14   Creating Calculated Fields

8.15   Calculated Fields exercise - solutions

8.16   Creating Calculated Items

8.17   Calculated Items exercise - solutions

8.18   Grouping Text Items

8.19   Grouping Text Items exercise - solutions

8.20   Grouping Data By Date (Year, Qtr, Mth)

8.21   Grouping Data Into Numerical Bins

8.22   Creating Pivot Charts

8.23   What's changed with Pivot Tables in the latest versions of Excel?

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