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Absolute Cell Referencing & Naming Cells

Discover how, why and when to fix a cell reference and how to use cell naming for added benefits. If you haven't yet mastered this, it will come up a lot once you get past a certain level, so this is an essential skill.

Practice Files

Download the practice files

Download the 'Absolutes & Naming' practice files (zip format)

Part 1: Absolute Cell Referencing

Download the training notes

1.    Absolute Cell Referencing: Step-by-Step Training Notes

2.   Why Absolute Referencing is so important, how to use it (and an exercise)

3.   Exercise solution

4.   Taking it further with partial-absolutes (this is cool)

5.   A mortgage repayment example using partially-absolute cell referencing

Part 2: Naming Cells To Make The Process Easier

Download the training notes

1.     Naming Cells & Cell Ranges: Step-by-Step Training Notes

2.   How & why to name cells, lots of applications (and some exercises)

3.    Exercise solutions

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