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Excel Database Mastery

Manage, format, filter and sort your database like a pro using modern tools like sparklines, flash fill, subtotals and grouping. There's more here than you realise and you'll instantly save time by using smarter techniques every day.

Download the practice files

Download the practice files (zip format)

Download the training notes

1(a)  Excel Databases Fundamentals: Step-by-Step Training Notes

Download the training notes

1(b)  Grouping / Outlines - Step-by-Step Training Notes

Download the cheat sheet

1(c)  Cheat Sheet - The new school way to do tables

Download the cheat sheet

1(d)  Cheat Sheet - Flash Fill

Download the cheat sheet

1(e)  Cheat Sheet - Sparklines

Download the cheat sheet

1(f)  Cheat Sheet - How to handle duplicates in Excel

Download the cheat sheet

1(g)  Cheat Sheet - Every smart sorting trick in the book

2.   The 'New School' way of working with tables

3.   Time saving tips when entering data

4.   Using the Data Form (now a legacy tool)

5.   Spark Lines

6.   Flash Fill

7.   AutoFiilter

8.   AutoFilter exercise - solutions

9.   Advanced Filter

10.   Advanced Filter exercise - solutions

11.   Sorting rows & columns in Excel 2016 (everything you need to know)

12.   Sorting rows

13.   Sorting rows using a custom sort sequence

14.   Using the Sort tool to change the order of table columns

15.   Adding multiple subtotals automatically without formulas

16.   Three ways why GROUPING is better than HIDING columns or rows

17.   How to group columns and rows effectively

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