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Formatting Like a Pro

Master the art of adding a professional finish to your spreadsheets. After moving through the basics of formatting you'll be treated to such delights as conditional formatting, custom cell styles, custom content formatting and the modern table tools.

Practice Files

Download the practice files

Download the 'Formatting Like a Pro' practice files (zip format)

Formatting Fundamentals

Download the training notes

1(a)    Formatting Fundamentals: Step-by-Step Training Notes

2.   Formatting numbers, percentages, currency & dates

3.   Aligning and positioning cell data

4.   Tricks to make your text look great

5.   Adding borders and a touch of colour

6.   Using the Format Painter tool to replicate exiting formatting

7.   Enhancing your workbook with images/pictures/graphics

8.   Adding background graphics, working with gridlines, clearing formatting

9.   Formatting exercise - explanation

10.   Formatting exercise - solutions

Advanced Formatting Techniques

Download the training notes

1(a)    Conditional Formating, Custom Styles, Formatted Tables: Step-by-Step Training Notes

Download the training notes

1(b)    Custom Content Formats: Step-by-Step Training Notes

Download the cheat sheet

1(c)    Cheat Sheet - Custom date formats

Download the cheat sheet

1(d)    Cheat Sheet - How to keep leading zeroes (the easy way)

Download the cheat sheet

1(e)    Cheat Sheet - Highlighting rows automatically using conditional formatting

2.   Conditional Formatting

3.   Conditional Formatting exercise - solutions

4.   Simplifying your formatting creating custom Cell Styles

5.   Modifying Cell Styles

6.   Format Painter - the copy and paste tool for formatting

7.   How to re-use cell styles in other workbooks without recreating them

8.   Creating tables the modern way

9.   Creating custom formats for numbers and dates

10.   Custom Formatting exercise - explanation

11.   Custom Formatting exercise - solutions

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