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What If? Analysis Toolkit

Discover a whole hidden part of Excel that can make your life easier by removing the trial and error and solving your problems.

Practice Files

Download the practice files

Download the 'What If Analysis' practice files (zip format)

Goal Seek & Solver

Download the training notes

1(a)  Goal Seek & Solver: Step-by-Step Training Notes

Download the cheat sheet

1(b)  Cheat Sheet - Goal Seek

2.   The Goal Seek Tool

3.   Goal Seek exercise - solutions

4.   The Solver Tool

5.   Solver exercise - solutions


Download the training notes

1.    Scenarios: Step-by-Step Training Notes

2.   Setting Up & Running Scenarios

3.   Scenarios exercise - solutions

Data Variable Tables

Download the training notes

1.    Data Variable Tables: Step-by-Step Training Notes

2.   Data Table With One Variable

3.   One Variable exercise - solutions

4.   Data Table With Two Variables

5.   Two Variables exercise - solutions

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