Intermediate Module 08
Excel Databases

Discover all the awesome things you can do - and features that work - with tables. From formatting them professionally to sorting and filtering data, and using modern tools like flash fill, sparklines and subtotals.

Download the training notes (PDF)

8.1    Training notes

8.2.   The 'New School' way of working with tables

8.3   Time saving tips when entering data

8.4   Using the Data Form (now a legacy tool)

8.5   Spark Lines

8.6   Flash Fill

8.7   AutoFiilter

8.8   AutoFilter exercise - solutions

8.9   Advanced Filter

8.10   Advanced Filter exercise - solutions

8.11   Sorting rows & columns in Excel 2016 (everything you need to know)

8.12   Sorting rows using a simple sequences and multiple levels

8.13   Sorting rows using a custom sort sequence

8.14   Using the Sort tool to change the order of table columns

8.15   Adding multiple subtotals automatically without formulas

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